Sunday, September 2, 2012


Five thousand were killed in Syria in August alone.
Assad, their president and an optometrist, is in love with his wife
And goes shopping to make her happy
Often on line.

A UK university still call to boycott Israel.
Assad does not live in the UK any more.
The Arab world blames Israel
They must have planned it all along
Especially the UN failure
To stop the bloodshed.
The same UN that appointed Libya
To head the Human Right Commission.

Barbara, my neighbor, is truly upset
Her favorite chocolate is out of stock
And will probably never be in again.
The small shop that made it
Is being digested by a giant
And their secret recipe, that was in the family for generations
Is substituted.
But the children in Syria would have loved a piece.

At least those not among the five thousand
Who do not mind how inedible it has become.

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