Friday, June 8, 2012

In the Dark

Mick, cramped in the driver seat of the small Fiat, keeping his knees wide open, one on each side of the wheel, steered the car along the dark road. In the seat next to him, Loretta's head rocked with each turn, her hand tapping Mick's thigh lightly with the tune of Stevie Wonder's Saturn that played quietly on the radio. A real oldie thought Mick. The small 800cc vehicle sputtered up the serpentine road. The large trees extended their fingers above them, casting eerie moon shadows on the road ahead. It had been over an hour since the sun glided into the sea. Mick extended his hand to reach for sleeping Loretta. It's not long before we'll be at the hotel, me and Loretta together for the first time, he thought, as he stepped on the gas.

Something crossed the headlights. Mick's mind was racing as he struggled to lift his foot and slam the break. What was it? Where did it come from? Was it was alive or an object? The car skidded forward groaning to slow down. Whatever he had seen was not there any longer. But then with inconceivable rapidity, a crash, the Fiat heeled to the right, sharply, turned, and came to a pull stop.

"What was that?" screamed Loretta. Her trajectory had been broken by her seat belt, and now she was shaking in her seat.

"We hit something. Don't know what," said Mick, his blood draining from his face. "Are you ok?"

"OK? How can I be OK?" Loretta undid her buckle and open the door. "I'm sure you killed someone. I told you not to drink before we left. But did you listen to me? My father will kill me. What are we going to do now?"

"Calm down. It's probably just branch or something. And I did not drink. It's not our fault. It just appeared out of nowhere."

"Don't you tell me you didn't drink ..."

She never completed her sentence. A bang sound came from the engine, the car lights flashed like a lightning and then nothing. No sound, no light, even the moon or starts were nowhere to be seen.

"What's happened?" whispered Loretta.

"It's dead." Mick, said, failing to reignite the engine or turn on the light.

Slowly they stepped out of the car. Utter darkness. Loretta stepped towards Mick. "Hold me she said. I am so scared."

Mick pulled her towards him and put her hands around her, and for a moment the feeling of her breasts pressing against his chest – full and soft – was all his could think about.

"Where are we?" whispered Loretta.

But no one answered. She was standing in the dark, all by herself.


  1. Excellent ending :D Really leaves the reader with lots of questions about what happened and how she came to be alone in the dark.

    1. Thanks Aquilus. This was a short writing exercise. I may turn it into a short story