Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Art is the Message

Can words convey the message of a piece of art? This is my attempt

A large square room. Total emptiness.
Black walls; black floor; black ceiling.
The room is bright, but no light source is to be seen, as if the air itself is glowing.
I cannot see where one wall starts and the other ends, where the floor or the ceiling end.
Shadowless black.
A white cross in the middle. 
I approach it, and stands at its center.

A small window opens in the ceiling, straight over my head.
Enough to show me the grayness of the clouds.
Never before did I notice the full rainbow of grays that blend into each other.
Then, a small patch of blue
And a ray of yellow.

The window above my head shuts.
Blackness again.
Blackness without beginning or end.
The light dims.
Too gradual to notice the change.
But I can see my feet no longer.
Nor my hands.


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