Sunday, April 25, 2010


Many a face
on the net he assumes.
A soldier, a teacher
a child and a groom.
He can be any person
he’s wanted to be.
There are no limitations,
the net set him free.

Friendships, affairs,
they are all within reach.
Discussions, new feelings,
his life is so rich.

One day she appeared,
just like that on his screen.
The fairest of women,
avatar of a queen.
So funny and smart
and they always agreed.
The cyber was great
He was lucky indeed.

Now she’s broken his heart,
and he tends to forget
that it’s his own creation
that's made him so sad.


  1. Often we are all passing moments, if we can inspire like you can, then life is worth living, no matter the result or the pain. Love the raw emotion.

  2. Yes. The traps of delusion are traps we set for ourselves.

  3. I couldn't agree more with the above posters.

    Love it.