Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Monkey and the Glasses

Chimp the monkey felt one day
his eyes were getting dimmer,
and if banana was too ripe
became so hard to tell,
so off to the magician went he
in quest of cure or spell.

It’s easy cure the wizard told him
not even need for spell.
Glasses is all I’ll give
easy to use as well.

I never heard of such a magic
The monkey said in owe.
Please can you give me just a dozen
I’ll take with me to go.

A dozen pairs the monkey took
and off he went on trail.
He tried them on his head and also
balanced them on his tail.
But even though he made big effort
His eyesight stayed as frail.

Do I really look that dense
the monkey cried annoyed.
This magic thing just makes no sense
it’s nothing but a fraud.
And in fury he threw and shuttered
the cure he thought was flawed.

A free interpretation of a Aesop's fable with the same name