Friday, March 12, 2010

Lite Love

Not the common beauty that sells magazines, but whenever she floats by, her scent awakens dreams of forgotten legends. No man can resist turning his head for a look of admiration.  If you are among the lucky with whom she exchanged some words, you will not remember them, but only your own yearning to see her smiling at you, for a flash of fantasy that fades into a short sigh of realization that she is beyond your reach.

Yet, nearly every night you’ll find her in the corner pub on her own. Only when she drinks can she care to hear those whose drinking instilled confidence in their hearts to approach her. Only when she drinks can she find them alluring for a night of lonely passion, from which she hopes to wake up on her own. She never does.

A woman of talent and beauty; tonight you will find her in the little pub, hoping that this will be her last night. 


  1. So poignant and I can almost see that woman sitting by herself bored to death by the guy chatting her up. You should expand this into a short story, perhaps use Hemingway's 'A Clean, Well-lighted Place', Russell Banks' 'Sarah Cole: A Type of Love Story' and Paolo Coelho's Veronica Decides To Die to start you off. I would love to hear more about this woman and what she does in greater detail.

  2. if only I knew how to write stories, I would

  3. *rolls eye with contempt at false modesty*