Saturday, March 20, 2010

I feared

I feared failure
Until I realized that if I don’t try I don’t fail.

I feared the truth
Until I learnt that I can’t tell it from a lie.

I feared people's opinions
But now I know that most people don’t think.

I feared ridicule
But I was ridiculous with my fear.

I feared rejection
Until no one was left to reject me.

I feared love
But it was just an illusion.

I feared being alone
Until then I discovered porn
Thank God for the internet.

I feared pain
But now I learnt to enjoy it.

I feared my destiny
Until it dawned on me that I,
Just like everyone else,
Know my future from the beginning.

There is nothing I fear any more.


  1. I hope you still fear loss at least, because without that, everything we do doesn't make sense. I fear losing every single second, but I'd say whoever it is is worth the fear.

  2. Nice compilation of words!

    Esp. like,"I feared failure,until I realized that if I don't try I don't fail."